What is the ANKC?

If you are looking to buy a puppy, please be aware that there is only one official Australian National Kennel Council register. It is often abbreviated to ANKC.

Unfortunately, when breeds become popular, it attracts a lot of new Breeders who try to breed dogs that are not to standard and sell them as rare for a lot more money than they are worth.

In some cases, these dogs have been cross-bred to get the fad colours and/or traits that are not normally seen in the breed.

The ANKC became aware of these Fad breeders falsely registering these non-standard dogs on their register so that they could sell them on the main register to other people wanting to breed fad colours.

Being pro-active in preserving the important standards of all breeds, action was taken in certain breeds to stop the falsifying of papers, and some breeds now must be inspected by ANKC All Breeds Judges before their litters can be registered.

This is a fabulous move on their part. The pedigree of a dog is of utmost importance to maintaining correct records for breeds both now and in the future.

This however, has now seen the emerge of several new made-up registries where these Fad breeders now issue papers for the dogs that are ineligible to be placed on the Official Australian Registy (the ANKC)

This is confusing for people when they are looking to buy a dog. The fad Breeders advertise their litters now with having 'papers'. Whilst they may provide 'papers' they are not from the Official Australian National Canine Registry.

Please be aware that only dogs and puppies registered on the ANKC main registry are eligible to be shown in conformation shows in Australia and the world.

The ANKC has a list of Official Judges who have studied and passed exams that take many years to complete. These judges are also eligible to judge worldwide at most major dog shows.

No other registry in Australia has World-approved judges who are able to judge at either breed specialty or all breeds shows.

The ANKC is THE ONLY Official Breed Registry in Australia.

Be sure you are buying a puppy from a genuine member of the ANKC.