2015 & 2017 Puppy Owner - 

We’ve added two white labs to our family from Megan at Bellbidgee Labradors. Megan is very supportive and friendly. She clearly loves her dogs. She started a group chat on Facebook for us to share photos, which is lovely. We get to watch the others puppies from the litters grow up. 

Our dogs are loving, gentle, intelligent and gorgeous looking!. I highly recommend Bellbidgee Labradors, but only if you’re going to love them. They’re too nice to be left alone outside.

2017 & 2018 Puppy Owner -

After losing our almost seventeen year old Lab, we were looking for a Labrador puppy to join our family. I started researching breeders and came across Megan at Bellbidgee Labradors. Immediately I could see Megan’s love for the breed, and for her puppies. We were lucky enough to have a pup join us in 2017, and were so impressed with our little girl, that we added another girl to our family in 2018. Throughout our journey with Bellbidgee, Megan has been amazing. We have watched the litters grow via lots of photos and videos, and Megan has continued to keep in touch with us because she truly does love and care for each and every puppy she breeds. She is a wonderful source of information whenever we have had any questions, and has even created a Facebook group for Bellbidgee families to keep in touch and watch all the litter brothers and sisters grow up. I can not recommend Megan and Bellbidgee Labradors highly enough if you are looking  for a quality Lab from a quality breeder.

2017 Puppy Owner -

Would never buy from anyone else other than a registered breeder after our wonderful experience with Megan Purtill and Bellbidgee.

2017 Puppy Owner - 

We got our mad lab Ellie from Belbidgee nearly 2 years ago. Megan is the only breeder I have ever dealt with and quite frankly we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Megan is an ethical breeder, great communicator and a passionate lab lover and breeder. We got to watch Ellie grow up with her siblings until the time came for her to fly to us. I still remember that first cuddle. Such a happy, adventurous little soul. Tail wagging at a lighting pace. She is a bundle of energy, has a spunky personality and keeps us on our toes. We adore her, thanks Megan!

2018 Puppy owner -

He is such a dream.  We had our friend around who we will start puppy school with this weekend and she did some temperament checking  and said what a lovely calm puppy he was and that he must come from a really good breeder as he was happy to be handled in all circumstances.

He has taken to the crate like a champ and takes himself in there for sleeping if Im not quick enough to put him in bed.  Last night I went to find him as he disappeared in the house and found him asleep upside down snoring.



**Testimonial Quotes are displayed with permission from puppy owners**